Why video?

In this digital age, customers are already used to watching videos online; its second nature to any smartphone or tablet user.

As a result of this customers are three times more likely to watch a video about a product than to read about it – it’s far more interesting to see something moving, than something static.

Online video can deliver some of the highest return on investment of any advertising medium today. If it is set up properly using search engine optimization, video is actually ranked higher by the major search engines like Google than a traditional web page.

Short of spending valuable face-to-face time with a potential client there is simply no better way to forge a personal connection with them online.

In 2014, 57% of consumers went on to purchase an item after seeing it in a video online, with over half of those also sharing it with friends through social media. Video can therefore create a cost effective and personal introduction to potential new customers.

What can video do for me?

–     Expand your brand visibility and reach with media-rich content

–    Get three times as many product views, when supported by video

–     Up to twice as many repeat visits by customers who watched product videos. as opposed to those visiting the website alone

–     Up to twice as long dwell-time for customers who watch product videos, as those who don’t

–     Product returns are reduced, as the item is properly represented on screen

Search engines love video!

Google is the largest search engine in the world; the second largest is YouTube, which is owned by Google.

Having a video on your website automatically bumps you up the listings and boosts your Google rankings. It’s a vital tool to get your products seen on a large scale.

How do I use the videos effectively?

Simply embed the videos on your website – just have a chat to your web developer.

Alternatively, hosting on YouTube or Vimeo has the advantage of expanding your reach on search engines. Videos hosted on these sites will bump you up the search results with minimal effort.

Videos aren’t just for the Internet – larger sized videos can be used for trade shows, to bring attention to your stand and to showcase collections.

Other uses include digital displays in airport lounges, tube stations, taxis – anywhere there is a screen


‘’Guy produced first rate mini videos of our key range of diamond rings. We had the rings delivered to the studio and returned the same day. The videos were first rate and the service excellent. Would definitely use him again”

Simon Johnson, Vice Chairman at National Association of Goldsmiths


“The videos Hartley Productions has produced for Citizen Watch UK have been absolutely superb.  Initially designed to showcase our Argos range, they have not only impressed all of the customers who’ve seen them but also our Managing Director who decided to the videos to promote our new top of the range products as well.  The videos will also be featuring on our Facebook and Twitter feeds as well as they are ideal for social media use as well.”

Simon Bates, National Account Manager for Citizen

‘’When we introduced a range of stock engagement rings last year, we felt it was important to display them as accurately as possible on our website. Stills are useful, but by themselves don’t adequately show the sparkle of a diamond. A lot of jewellers use CAD imagery, which tends to look terrible. We felt that video was a good solution – we found that it worked really well and this reflected in sales, also were very impressed by Guy’s professionalism’’.

David Rhode, of Ingle & Rhode
‘’Realistic, high-resolution video significantly improves our customers’ online experience. We have seen a significant correlation between the sales performance of jewellery that has video on the page and jewellery that does not, also website integration was very straightforward’’

Andrew Fraser, Director of Winterson Pearls


Beaverbrooks has been hand selecting diamonds for almost a hundred years, we’re extremely proud of our diamond jewellery collection and take pride in how it’s displayed on our website.  Guy’s videos are of exceptionally high quality, he shares the same passion for detail that we have as a company.  His videos show every facet and sparkle of each piece showing the true beauty of the jewellery.  He’s always on hand to provide expert advice and support throughout the whole process and has been a pleasure to work with.  We’ve had lots of positive comments about how fantastic the videos look, I cannot recommend Guy’s services highly enough.

Helen Stephenson, Beaverbrooks